Janet with the Northwestern University Men's Soccer Team"I've never felt so good going into a game the day after playing a game. The massage was excellent and I felt great; almost all the soreness and tightness was gone right after the massage and into the next day. I just want to thank you again, it's great having you around, not just as a massage therapist but just as another great person to have on those long road trips. I hope to see you again next season!"
- Jaro Pylpczak, Northwestern Men's Soccer Team

"Janet, I would like to thank you greatly for the massages as they were both relaxing and rejuvenating. You gave me the spark I needed to perform to my potential."
- Daniel Chille, Northwestern Men's Soccer Team

"Prior to running my first marathon in 2001, I was plagued by chronic hamstring troubles. Fortunately I visited Janet a few days before the big race and walked out feeling pain free. I've continued to visit Janet who has helped massage and stretch leg muscles that become sore and tight from long distance running. As a result, my marathon times have improved significantly over the last two years."
- Michael Anderson

"Janet was a huge asset for me as I recently trained for and completed my first marathon. My training for the race hit a big hurdle two weeks prior to the race when I suffered two pulled hamstrings. After only a couple of treatments I felt as good as new and did not have any trouble with the injury during or after the race. In addition, her post race massages greatly assisted in my recovery and I am happy to say I am good as new and more than ready to try more marathons (with Janet's help, of course)."
- Brian Carr

"Janet Markovits has helped me through two pregnancies. I feel very fortunate that she has been in my life during these important periods. Janet is blessed with a healing touch and caring nature. In short she is a very special person."
- Dr Amanda Foreman, FRSA

"I couldn't recommend Janet highly enough. Those magic hands of hers did wonders...... soothing body, mind and soul. I was due to go in on the Monday morning to be induced and went to see Janet on the Wednesday before to have a massage and told her this. She said she would see what she could do to ensure that I went into labour naturally rather than be induced. She did some powerful reflexology on my feet and on the Saturday I went into labour! Amazing. Couldn't believe it and couldn't thank her enough for helping me through my pregnancy."
- Mandy D'Abo

"Janet was highly recommended to me by a friend that had a difficult pregnancy but at the time, I thought massages were an unnecessary luxury. In my eighth month of pregnancy, I had to walk down 44 flights of stairs during the blackout and I needed some relief. I expected to see Janet one time to relieve the pain but after that one time, I was hooked. I felt better than I had in months and continue to feel that way! I will definitely continue to see her postpartum and will recommend her to everyone! Thank you thank you thank you!"
- Lisa Grossman

"Janet came highly recommended to me by my prenatal fitness instructor. I went to Janet with the intent of seeing her perhaps once or twice at the most. However, after the first maternal massage session, I became a full blown addict. Janet's pleasant personality and therapeutic hands have eased the strains of pregnancy that typically infiltrate the feet, back, belly and hands. I have recommended her to all my pregnant friends, all of whom have become regulars. One session with Janet will easily convince you that what you once might consider an unnecessary luxury is a luxurious necessity."
- Ellen Kim

"During my pregnany, my once physically-fit body turned into that of an achy-eighty year-old lady! Between the sciatica, leg cramps, muscle stiffness, etc., I was barely able to walk a NYC block! Upon recommendation by my OB, I tried Janet's maternal massage and it was absolutely incredible...I had lasting relief! I recently moved to Long Island, but will definitely make special trips back for that magical massage."
- Wendy S. Kaplan, MS, RD, CDN

"Janet helped me carry twin boys to full term during one of the hottest summers in Manhattan history. Initially I consulted her for headaches, which her massages quickly cured. Then I relied on her weekly massages to ease aches and tension. I credit Janet for the fact that my ankles and legs never swelled, even when I was carrying fifty extra pounds. And her pregnancy cushions were amazingly comfortable right up to the birth (and still are, post-partum!). Janet helped me stay healthy and relaxed so that I was able to deliver healthy twin boys--and I am very grateful to her."
- Jessica G, Secret to a successful pregnancy