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Baby Bodywork and Massage 

Baby Bodywork 

This very specialized treatment is a combination of infant craniosacral therapy, rhythmic movement, stretches, exercises and massage for your baby. All babies will benefit from this work.

This is a wonderful treatment if your baby is having a hard time breastfeeding, bottle feeding, had a difficult labor, is fussy has a tongue tie, before and after a release and so much more.

We will examine your baby and look for any tension and asymmetry. We will do a catered treatment so your baby will thrive, be comfortable and feed better. We will also go over things that help with any digestive issues

Your baby is going to love it, you will see changes, it is soothing and we will teach you a few things to start doing at home. 


We can also do a private lesson where we teach you some modalities that will benefit your baby.

baby massage

Infant Massage

Your baby has been getting massage in utero during your prenatal massages. They already recognize your touch, your voice, your energy. 

Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. It has been proven that infant massage strengthens the immune systems, stimulates digestion, relieves gas, colic, promotes restful sleep, encourages development and so much more. Baby massage can be a very special time spent together and can be just as beneficial for the parent as it is for the infant. This is a head to toe lesson giving you the skills to massage your baby routinely.


We offer private and group lessons in either our Noho or Park Slope, Brooklyn office or at your home. 

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