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Postpartum Massage

It is just as important to get massage after birth as it is during pregnancy. During this time, nature sets about undoing in what took nine months to create. It's both a physically and emotional time. We can see you immediately after you give birth in the hospital, at home or in our offices. We can incorporate breast massage and lymphatic drainage to help with milk let down. You are welcome to bring your baby to your postnatal massage.

During this time, massage can help:


  • you handle the physical demands of a newborn

  • speed the healing process for both vaginally or c-section delivery

  • c-section scar and cellulite

  • milk letdown or engorged breasts

  • ease muscle aches and any pain

  • fatigue and increasing energy

  • reduce swelling in the legs or any other area,

  • lift spirits, nurture, give emotional support

  • promote proper digestive function

  • the uterus get back to where it needs to be    


postnatal massage
postpartum massage
c-section scar massage
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