Frequently Asked Questions


Is prenatal massage safe?

Yes, Everything we do is safe. We would never doing something that wasn't


I've heard it's not safe to get a massage in the 1st trimester.

At Maternal Massage and More we will see you from the 1st trimester to the last. Our therapists are certified in prenatal massage and understand the pregnant body in every trimester. It is safe because we are all trained.


Will I be able to lie on my belly during the massage?

Yes, we use the bodysupport system which allows you to lie comfortably and safely on your belly. We use a lot of wedges to prop you in the correct position and it grows with you as you grow, most are very comfortable on it throughout their entire pregnancy.


How often should I come in for a massage?

We see clients once a week, every other week, once a month. We leave that up to you. The more you come in the better you will feel and, the more body aware you will be. Towards the end we often see clients twice a week.


What kind of oil or lotion do you use?

We have been using almond oil for 23 years. Everyone loves it! If you have allergies or prefer a lotion, please bring your favorite one with you and we will use that.


Do I need to get fully undressed?

We will leave that up to you. We use an oil, if you prefer a massage through your clothes we can arrange that. You can leave your panties on or take off. It makes no difference to us. If you leave them on, we may push them down slightly so we can get into your gluts.


Do I need to put my hair up?

That is up to you. Some oil may get in your hair during the treatment. Please bring something to keep your hair off your neck if you prefer no oil in your hair.


Do I need to take off my jewelry?

The only thing we ask you to take off are necklaces.


I heard getting a foot massage will make me go into labor, Is that true?

A foot massage during pregnancy is AMAZING!! There are points on the feet and ankles that can prep the body for labor. They need to be hit specifically and often.


Can you help me go into labor?

We can start prepping the body for labor at 37.5 weeks. We do acupressure and massage to help move things in the right direction. You will not spontaneous go into labor. The baby will come when the baby is ready.


If I'm in labor should I still come in?

Yes, we can help move things that much more along, relax you and your muscles before your baby arrives.


At what age can I learn how to massage my baby?

You can start right away. My daughter was massaged since the day she was born. Most wait until the baby is one month old. By then you know your baby's cues for feeding and comfort.


Can you help with my milk supply?

Yes, we do breast massage and lactation services are coming soon

Do you see men and family members?

Yes we do! Whether you are a dad, dad to be, athlete, partner, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, we can see you and take care of you. The treatment will be catered to you. We can see your entire family. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet your sisters, mothers, grandparents, partners. We are an inclusive practice. 


What forms of payment do you take and can I leave a gratuity for my therapist?

We accept Credit Card, Venmo, Paypal and cash in an envelope. A gratuity is a wonderful way to show your therapist you enjoyed the treatment and so appreciated. You can add it to your credit card, Venmo or leave cash


Do you sell packages and gift certificates?

Yes, we sell packages of 3, 5 and 10 one hour sessions. Please inquire about pricing. We can email you a gift certificate that looks great. We will need to know who it's for,  who we should say it's from and, if you would like to buy a package, dollar value or 60 or 90 minute session.