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Postnatal , Lactation and Baby Massage
Best Prenatal Massage in NYC and Brooklyn
Maternal Massage and More

Ah, the joys of pregnancy: baggier clothes, utilitarian maternity bras, strange aches and pains in various joints and ligaments. And only five more months to go… Thank goodness for Maternal Massage and More, which focuses on prenatal, labor and postpartum massage services. During their 60-minute maternal massage I lay comfortably on my bulging belly, thanks to several strategically placed cushions. My therapist, Janet, rubbed my back and legs with scented oil and, after tending to my backside, she rubbed my arms, legs, feet, neck, head and even my belly. I was a little nervous about the last part, but Janet seemed to know when to put more force in her touch. Soft music and low lighting helped too, and I left feeling relaxed, warm and 20 pounds lighter. That night I slept like a baby.

Maria Stegner

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