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  • Janet Markovits


Congratulations on your baby! After being pregnant, which may have felt like forever, your baby is here. You are probably, exhausted, learning to feed your baby, swaddle, change diapers and burp your baby. I also know that you desperately need a postnatal massage. Many of you have gotten prenatal massages throughout your entire pregnancy and took very good care of yourself, and then..... your baby arrives and you forget about self care.

I am here to tell you that not only do you deserve a postpartum massage, you need one, and for all different reasons than a prenatal massage. Nature sets about undoing in what took nine months to create. Many gain approximately 30lbs throughout the pregnancy and then loses approximately 10-12lbs immediately after birth, which includes the weight of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid. It is a huge shift physically and hormonally. Another reason you need a postnatal massage is that labor is hard work. You may have been squatting, kneeling, standing or in another position during labor, using muscles you have not used in a while to support yourself and push a baby out during labor. Most are not getting much sleep, hospitals are loud, have bright fluorescent lights and the beds are notoriously uncomfortable. You are now looking down all the time at your beautiful baby and possible hunching over while nursing and feeding your baby. You have a baby to carry around along with the car seat, diaper bag and everything else your little one needs.

Postnatal massage can help

you handle the physical demands of a newborn

  • speed the healing process for both vaginally or c-section delivery

  • c-section scar and cellulite

  • milk letdown or engorged breasts

  • ease muscle aches and any pain

  • fatigue and increasing energy

  • reduce swelling in the legs or any other area

  • lift spirits, nurture, give emotional support

  • promote proper digestive function

  • the uterus get back to where it needs to be 

What to expect during a postpartum massage

Maternal Massage and More uses in our offices body cushions where there is room for your breasts and swollen belly to lie comfortably. We can see you right away, even after a

c-section. We do hospital visits and home visits and office visits in Noho, NYC and Park Slope, Brooklyn. Each treatment is catered to what is going on with you when we see you. Many women are sore, swollen, achy, tired, and emotional to name a few things after giving birth. As a lactation consultant and massage therapist, we can do breast massage to help with milk letdown, clogs and engorged breasts. We can do belly massage to help the uterus get back to where it was and do scar massage from a caesarian. You are also welcome to bring your baby with you.

I promise after getting postnatal massage you will feel like a brand new person, both emotionally and physically. It is such an important things to do for yourself in the 4th trimester. Tell your friends and family because it makes a wonderful gift.

Maternal Massage and More is located in NYC and Brooklyn. Home visits and virtual consults are available for Lactation Support


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