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  • Janet Markovits

The NYC Hospital Bag Packing Guide

Hospital Bag

In my opinion, NYC is a different planet when it comes to pregnancy, new motherhood and what to pack in your hospital bag in preparation for delivering your baby.

Many stress about the hospital bag, what to put in it and when to prepare it. This should be fun and not stressful. Most live fairly close to where they will be delivering, so it may be possible to go home to grab whatever you make have forgotten. There is also drug store, convenient store and food on just about every street in New York City. The other thing many do not tell you, is that most hospitals have the basics of what you may want/need or have forgotten, so try not to stress about it.

The NYC Hospital Bag Packing Guide Checklist

There are many companies that make beautiful comfortable labor gowns. Hospitals gowns work great! Comfortable pajamas are a must if you want to get out of the hospital gown after you deliver. I love pajama tops that have buttons that are easy to open and close for easy access to breastfeed your baby and to do skin to skin. You also want to bring a loose, soft going home outfit There are so many wonderful lounge wear options that are very comfy.

Personal Items

These can be anything that you may want during labor or to make your room homier. Phone + external chargers, iPad with movies, favorite playlist or books on them. Photos, mantras, scents (lavender sachets or essential oils), massage oil, lip balm, water bottle, and snacks.

Robe, Slippers and Shower Shoes

A robe socks and slippers are a must for walking around. I also suggest some water shoes for the shower and bathroom. You will need to walk and have a bowel movement before leaving the hospital. (something that not everyone talks about!) In my personal opinion, nothing fancy is needed. I even suggest things that you can dispose of before going home.

Personal Toiletries

Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, face wash, creams, makeup, deodorant, eye glasses/contacts and care, hairbrush, eye mask, hair ties (if you have long hair, these are a must for labor and after).

Insurance information and hospital paperwork

You must bring photo ID and insurance information. Your healthcare providers information and baby's pediatrician. You may want to make copies of important documents and keep them on your phone as well. Include your birth plan for your providers to see.

If you are going to be collecting your baby’s cord blood, make sure you have your kit in your hospital bag. You will also need to call the medical courier after delivery for pick-up!

Going-home Outfit for Baby

You probably picked this out a while ago, so do not forget to pack it. It should be weather appropriate depending on the season and cozy. You may also need a blanket. Most babies only need one more layer than you do.

Install the infant car seat ahead of time and make sure you know how to properly secure your baby before leaving the hospital, practice with a teddy bear! Many hospitals will not let you leave without a car seat, even if you do not have a car. Please check with your hospital.

Packing your hospital bag should be fun, try not to overpack (you are not going on vacation) and remember if you forget anything, the hospital may have it. You can pretty much get anything at the corner store, have a friend bring or just Amazon it!

Don't forget to keep Maternal Massage and More's contact info on hand as we can come to the hospital to give you a well needed postpartum massage.

Maternal Massage and More is located in NYC and Brooklyn. Home visits and virtual consults are available for Lactation Support.


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